Fees & Locations

Dr Luke is one of the best tutors for maths and sciences. He provides one-to-one, group, student-organised group, and online tutoring.

My Fees:

The RATE for one-to-one tutoring:

My hourly rate for university subjects or casual bookings is $100 at a library close to Melbourne CBD. The hourly rate for high school subjects is $90 at a library close to Melbourne CBD.

The RATE for group/student-organised tutoring:

Students are encouraged to form their own group. I will try my best to meet your requirements for time, venue and topics. The hourly rate is $60/person for the group of two, $50/person for the group of  three  or more students.

The RATE for home visits:

If your place is within a walking distance from a train station or tram stop, I might be able to do home visits. The charge is $200 (university subjects), or $180 (high school subjects) for two hours.

If you would like to pay by  bank transfer,  please pay in advance.

The Place Where I normally Tutor:

I normally tutor at the State Library of Victoria, a library of the University of Melbourne, or the Caulfield library of Monash University.

Online tutoring:

With technology advanced, more than more students think believe online tutoring is an effective mode for learning, considering about the time and trouble saved from travelling, the cozy private environment at your home, and the easiness to organise time that fits into their own schedule.

Online tutoring is quite simple, just give me your email address and mobile number.

I would give a $10 discount for those who using online tutoring.

I will text you my account details and please pay before the session we have booked.

Just before the session, I will create a web whiteboard, and send you a link. Here we can write and draw.

We can use Skype, google Hangout, or FaceTime, I find Skype suits online tutoring most as it has a screen sharing function.

Thank you so much for your interest in my service.  Meeting your needs is one of my highest priorities.